Sunday, February 5, 2012

TGO LED, white

TGO LED, white
Electronic Cigarette Ego LED, white. The white version of the famous Joye eGo-T 650 the premium electronic cigarettes. This electronic cigarette is distinguished from the black, not only color but also the fact that the white cigarette is diod battery indicator. Battery life when fully charged 24-36 hours. Capacity per cartridge in relation to conventional cigarettes 15-20 cigarettes. You can buy it in electronic cigarette shop.

The kit includes:

  1. atomizer 2
  2. Battery 2
  3. Replacement cartridges (tanks) 5
  4. Charger from USB
  5. AC adapter for charging
  6. Case for Electronic Cigarette
Don't forget that there is electronic cigarette health risks.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Smoore М-402 Smart

Smoore М-402 Smart
Electronic Cigarette Smoore M-402 Smart (the original). Electronic Cigarette with a good combination of price quality from the manufacturer Smoore! Smoore Model M-402 11mm longer than the Smart on a model Smoore M-402. Battery life on a full charge is approximately 8:00. Capacity per cartridge in relation to conventional cigarettes 8-10 cigarettes. It is great electronic smokeless cigarette to choose and also Smoore is one of the best electronic cigarette brand, so it is a great choice.

Characteristics of the electronic cigarette:
- Size: 97mm;

Delivery of electronic cigarettes:

  • Atomizer: 1
  • USB charger and mains.
  • Replacement cartridges: 5
  • Battery: 1
  • Beautiful gift wrapping
  • Bundle charging
What's the difference between Smoore original and just Smoore?

The difference is:

  1. It's not fake.
  2. This is a factory product.
  3. This is the build quality.
  4. High-quality materials and components.
  5. Ensuring the safety of prone certificates.
  6. This is the premium class.
  7. Warranty.
  8. No damaged nerves and health and so on.
At this site you can read more about best electronic cigarette online.

Denshi Tabaco Turbo Premium, white

Denshi Tabaco Turbo Premium, white
Electronic Cigarette Denshi Tobaco Turbo Premium, white. Includes 2 pieces of electronic cigarettes. Electronic Cigarette DT Turbo slightly longer than the usual DT Premium, the innovative Turbo Steam Generator allows you to create more steam. Battery life with heavy smoking is 15 hours. Cartridge Yield: 25 regular cigarettes. You can find it on electronic cigarette wholesale. Thank you reading our electronic cigarette review. Also you can read all about this set. Next.

The complete electronic cigarette comprises:

  • Two electronic cigarettes (2)
  • Two lithium Bater (2) is always handy to have a spare in case of Bater, if the first discharge
  • USB Charger (1)
  • Charger 220V (1)
  • Five cartridges for electronic cigarettes (5)
  • Case for Electronic Cigarette

The entire set of e-cigarettes in a beautiful gift box.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Ego 510-T, Black

Ego 510-T, Black
Electronic Cigarette Ego 510-T. Combines the small size of the original Joye 510 and technology without sintepon "tank" eGo-T-E-liquid is poured into a special transparent cartridge without sintepon, eliminating the possibility of leakage of liquid and melting at sintepon atomizers. The set is designed for 2-smokers. It has a miniature size, as close to normal cigarettes. Battery life when fully charged 10-12 hours. Capacity per cartridge in relation to conventional cigarettes 15-18 cigarettes. Where to buy electronic cigarettes? In internet there is a lot of proposals. So use Google ;) So it was our electronic cigarette review and next you can read about delivery set.

The complete electronic cigarette comprises:

  • 1.Atomayzer Joye 510 Electronic Cigarette-T (2)
  • Two. 180mAh Battery for e-cigarettes (2)
  • Three. Mains Charger 100-240V Joye 510-T
  • 4. The standard cartridges, tanks for the Joye 510 Electronic Cigarette-T (5)

Wingle Power MAX, black

Wingle Power MAX, black
Electronic Cigarette Wingle Power MAX, black. The electronic cigarette works on the new technology "Tank" (cartridges not in use fleece, as in conventional cigarettes, and used fluid reservoir). This technology allows you to fill with more fluid and produces more smoke. Sensitive design of this electronic cigarette will surprise others with originality and elegance. Battery life on a full charge is approximately 30-40 hours. Capacity per cartridge in relation to conventional cigarettes 15-20 cigarettes. You can buy electronic cigarettes like this in internet stores.

Delivery of electronic cigarettes:

  • Atomizer (1)
  • Lithium Batteries (2), 650mAh and 900mAh
  • Cartridges for Electronic Cigarette (5). All levels of nicotine (from "No nicotine" to "High")
  • strap on the arm (1)
  • Manual

What is it? Electronic cigarette

electronic cigarette reviews
Electronic cigarettes - this is a great alternative to tobacco smoking. The positive side of e-cigarettes is that you can smoke in the premises, transport, or even near children. While smoking you do not tighten the smoke, as in conventional cigarettes, but a harmless vapor that does not harm other people. Nowadays you can buy electronic cigarette at every turn. There are a lot of brands of electronic cigarettes: Denshi Tabaco, Ego, Smoore, Pons, Gamucci, and many others you can buy in electronic cigarettes internet stores. Our blog will help you how to choose the best electronic cigarettes and 
where to buy electronic cigarettes.